Continental produces a million electronics units for vehicles at its Bangalore plant

12th December 2019
Continental produces a million electronics units for vehicles at its Bangalore plant
Assembling an automatic braking system at Continental's Bangalore plant

Bangalore, December 12, 2019. Technology company Continental  has achieved another milestone of producing one million Electronic Control Units (ECU)  of the passenger car Antilock Brake System (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), at its Bangalore plant. Continental plans to ramp up its production capabilities in the next few years with a capacity of over two million units a year.
Continental began localizing ABS and ESC system in 2016, with product assembly at its Gurgaon plant, where they have completed over 2 million units already. The production for ECUs at its Bangalore plant was set up in January 2018.
Krishan Kohli, Head of Vehicle Dynamics business unit, Continental Automotive India told visiting media this week: “Our commitment to road safety reflects in our achievements of the recent past. With our complete localization value chain which includes R&D, sales and manufacturing, technologies become better suited and affordable for the market, for all segments of vehicles. Road safety is everyone’s right and Continental is committed to Vision Zero”.
Added Phanindra Karody, Plant Head, Bangalore, said, “We have been consistent in our production and delivery of ABS and ESC units to OEMs in India and other markets. In India, there is a surge in adoption of the safety technologies because of the recent safety legislation and growing consumer awareness. With our wide portfolio of safety technologies and standardized production process, we are supporting OEMs with quality products, thus, contributing to road safety value chain”.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems
A pioneer in the technology, the company recently celebrated 50 years of Continental ABS. The system was first presented at the IAA in 1969. Continental has variety of products suiting different segments of vehicle. For instance, the MK 100 ABS Entry has been designed for the vehicle segments A, B and C in the growing markets. The packaging is compact and extremely light, at less than 1,200 grams. Furthermore, throughout the MK 100 product family, the hydraulic and electrical interfaces are compatible with each other, which make the MK 100 easily applicable for platform concepts of car manufacturers wanting to benefit from a truly scalable product range.