Genesys' Chennai Centre contributes key AI & Cloud technologies to call centre solutions

11th December 2019
Genesys' Chennai Centre contributes key  AI & Cloud technologies to call centre solutions

Bangalore, December 11 2019: Genesys, a global leader in  omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, has strengthened its Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Chennai  -- its fourth worldwide -- with  a renewed thrust on next-generation cloud technology  and conversational  Artificial Intelligence (AI).
These  new technologies are expected to invigorate BPO businesses and  accelerate contact centre transformation world-wide. Genesys is redefining customer experience by leveraging AI and machine learning to predict customer expectations across industries. The India CoE takes care of end-to-end delivery, with emphasis on AI and digital technologies. Over  600  employees are working across multiple competencies in India, and this number is growing.
On his first visit to India after taking over as CEO of Genesys, Tony Bates noted that India  is set for massive acceleration from basic digital transformation to a more personalized and business-centric approach to customer engagement.   The bulk of  R&D talent crafting these solutions  for Genesys  will continue to grow in India, he said, adding:
 "Voice interactions have made way for social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook and others. Customers now expect to be understood and profiled better, and by understanding their social behaviour, brands can personalize their communication to them. Genesys, on its part is creating solutions, that is deployed on the cloud, and leverages the power of AI and machine learning."
Genesys also offers  tools that can predict the type of engagement that works best for each customer. By engaging and re-engaging customers, businesses can truly transform their customer interactions. 
Genesys believes that in India, the future  belongs to conversational AI and efficient workforce engagement management.  Mr Bates added:  "India is the largest call centre market in the world.  Gone are the days when the business hinged on cost and labour arbitrage. Today, the focus has shifted to customer delight and this requires strategic  solutions that are intelligent, agile and cost-effective. The  quality of talent is  here exceptional and we are strategically tapping into it".
On the growth of Genesys and future plans, Mr  Bates  said: "Over time we  plan on  becoming  more of an AI-based data company. Our strategy is very simple: accelerate to the cloud wherever possible, both in terms of R & D investment and also our customers deployments. We will innovate almost exclusively from the cloud. When we deliver innovation, even to a traditional business like a bank, we will now deliver it from the cloud using hybrid methods."
Marquee Indian clients embrace the cloud
Raja Lakshmipathy, Managing Director,  Genesys India said:  "We have a  multi-disciplined talent which will make Chennai, the innovation hub for Genesys in APAC. The Chennai center  focuses on cloud development and AI, which are our focus areas, even globally." He added: "The cloud-based adoption of technologies was around 75% last year. We have a few marquee clients in India and with new investment, we are hoping to tap into the commercial mid-market."
Genesys is leveraging home-grown talent for its differentiated R&D efforts. Atul Edlabadkar, Vice President, R & D and Site Leader, Genesys India said: "When the Genesys journey started in India in  2012,  we were a small 60 member- team. In the past three years alone we have hired over 400 people and along the way, we have established many new functions."
He added: "We have tie-ups with multiple universities and are able to find high-quality talent  among  fresh graduates."