Lack of appropriate skill sets challenge recruiters, finds Shine survey

10th November 2019
Lack of appropriate skill sets  challenge recruiters, finds Shine survey

New Delhi, November 10, 2019: A survey by, India’s 2nd largest job search platform, has revealed that a major problem facing the industry is a lack of candidates with the right skills. 33% of recruiters cited finding suitable candidates with the right skillsets as a major challenge while hiring.Up-skilling may be the way.
As organizations deploy forward-looking technologies, their skill requirements are changing rapidly. The evolving complexities in the various job roles driven by digital transformation and adoption, call for highly skilled candidates. The scale of adoption has prompted employees and job seekers to train and upskill themselves to find their dream jobs, which otherwise would elude them.
Considering how rapid tech advancements in the industry are evolving the business ecosystem, the desired skills across sectors are also changing. While companies are seeking agile talent, professionals looking for jobs don’t have the required skills. Thus, the role of up-skilling is emerging as the best way to address the skill-gap issue. It can help the candidates acquire in-demand skills and unlock new, high-value opportunities in the industry. Professionals are recognizing this and increasingly turning towards up-skilling through tech-backed e-learning platforms.
As the demand for up-skilling is increasing, the country has started to witness a shift in the emerging skillset trends.’s survey also reveals that 38.53% of the recruiters have seen major changes over the last year in the area of emerging skillsets.
Says CEO, Zairus Master: “Among the changing demands of the business landscape, tech-backed skills are taking the center stage. As a result, more professionals are using e-learning platforms to up-skill themselves to meet the expectations of recruiters. We hope to see more pronounced growth in the up-skilling trends across the country, which can power higher employability and make way for a more balanced hiring scenario.”
The survey, which was conducted to decipher the hiring outlook for 2019 and beyond, examines recruiters who have been in the industry for over 15 years. While a few recruiters also claimed matching salary expectations and adequate experience level of the candidates as common hiring challenges, lack of candidates with the right skillsets was a major concern among most of them. If the up-skilling trends catch up with the needs of the industry, India can witness high growth in its recruitment landscape.