Helping dentists with tools, technology and services

09th November 2019
Helping dentists with tools, technology and services

November 9 2019: Dental care company, Just Dental, is creating a new category of self owned co branded dental clinics to eliminate the limitations and challenges in private practice and corporate dental chains.
It provides comprehensive and holistic solutions for dentists to manage their practice better. Just Dental’s Smart Clinic concept makes a traditional dental practice smarter.
From privately owned solo practice to corporate dental chains, dentists are mainly opting for these two categories of dental clinic. However, both these categories come with a fair share of risks and limitations. In a solo practice, dentists have to bear the administrative burden as well as the financial investment. On the other hand, in corporate dental chains dentists work as employees without any share in profits.
Started by Dr Santhosh Kumar in 2017, Just Dental equips the dentist for delivery of better treatment and easy management of their clinic. From providing technology and marketing support to helping them with supply and vendor management, Just Dental provides tools and services for a successful dental practice.
Currently, there are over  300000 registered dentists in India with more than 25000 dentists passing out every year. The current education curriculum focuses on building technical expertise in dentistry. However, once they set out for practice, dentists face immense challenges in setting up a clinic, procuring materials, marketing their services and overall financial management of the clinic. Existing solutions that are available in the market are stand-alone services with no end-to-end solution providers to support the dentists and reduce administrative burden. To address this problem, Just Dental was started with a two-fold goal in mind: one- to help dentists with administrative infrastructure and support them with all the non-clinical aspects of practice, two- to help patients find the right dentist conveniently.
How does it help Dentists?

  • Helps dentists become Dentist Entrepreneurs- the clinic is owned by the dentist.
  • Improves patient footfall and hence the practice grows
  • Removes dependency of multiple vendors who support dental practice (Just Dental Lab services, dental supplies at a lower price, patient health financing)
  • Technology support for the dentists – Appointment management, SMS Alerts, practice management software, Billing, electronic prescription, Patient mobile app.
  • Critical data insights on performance
  • Branding and marketing support to build visibility for the practice
  • Doctors get access to CDE programmes (Continuing Dental Education) keeping them current with advanced developments in the field of dentistry and upgrade themselves with relevant skills

How does it help patients?

  • Standard procedures and pricing
  • Continuity in treatment and doctor relationship
  • Access to convenient treatment finance options- Just Dental facilitates interest free loans for patients

Just Dental currently has 200+ Clinics across India. It has a presence in 20 states and 52 cities. By the end of 2019, Just Dental aims to become India’s largest dental chain with 500 clinics onboard.