This gadget sucks up harmful radiation in your home or office

04th November 2019
This gadget sucks up harmful radiation in your home or office

By Vishnu Anand
Bangalore, November 4 2019: There's a new unseen  danger  out there.  Our daily lives  are centred on wireless communication technology -- from the laptops and mobile phones we use, the  routers that  create our home WiFi hotspots to the  server rooms in offices.   And then there are the nearby mobile towers and the high tension wires close to our homes ...all  spewing out radiation.  We are constantly exposed to electromagnetic fields creating  a blanket of  harmful rays, which  has been likened to smog. Only this one is unseen. They're calling  it electrosmog.
At festive seasons, it's not just the air pollution that is worrisome. There is a huge spike in  electromagnetic radiation as  millions of new  electronic gadgets are bought and used.
Most  of these devices come with compliance standards like  SAR  or Specific Absorption Rate ratings, which is essentially a  measure of how much electromagnetic energy  gets absorbed by the body. All phones and devices sold in India are SAR-compliant which means they are  safe to use. However, the same cannot be said about mobile towers and server rooms. If you happen to  work in an office next to  a server room, chances are you are exposed to harmful radiation, which  could be  taking a toll on your body. From disturbed sleep quality increased stress levels, constant fatigue  and headache.  Even if the scientific evidence is not very clear, the danger is worrying and not worth neglecting..
Cashing in on this fear, direct selling company Modicare has launched in India, a product called Enviroglobe that  helps reduce the risk of radiation in your homes. It claims to absorb harmful radiation and make its frequencies compatible to the human body. Enviroglobe generates random waves at higher frequencies, which carry the constant waves emitted from gadgets in a random fashion and sync  them to the frequencies of the body’s waveforms, nullifying the effect of harmful radiation. It is a palm-sized, globe shaped  steel encased device,  less than half a kg in weight, that  is effective within a 350 square feet radius and charges with sunlight  in about  15 minutes.
Is the issue of electromagnetic radiation genuinely that bad? Maybe, maybe not, but why take a chance?  Rs. 4500 seems like a small price to pay to be safe, rather than sorry