Huge potential for gaming in India

15th October 2019
Huge potential for gaming in India

Hyderabad, October 15  2019: India is catching up from being a services provider to a game development destination. Game development and designing is not just a growing, viable career option in India, but can be pursued by anyone who has enough passion in this field.
There is huge employment potential for young aspirants within India as it evolves from an outsourcing hub for international gaming companies to game content development. 120 and more game development organizations have operations in India already.  
A decade ago, gaming was unchartered territory and till today there is a huge void of game developer in India. India’s culture and heritage offer tremendous content development opportunities for game developers, and this is a great opportunity for the industry to grow. “To drive this progress, talent must rise”, says Rajesh Rao, Chairperson IGDC 2019 (India Game Developer Conference 2019).
“The reality is, gaming is an enormous form of entertainment,” Rajesh adds, "The need of the hour is to evangelize gaming as a career, entertainment, and clear all misconception about gaming.” 
In India, Hyderabad is the most aggressive player with big plans for animation, gaming and incubation hubs, to propel the gaming industry with initiatives from Government of Telangana collaborating with industry volunteers.With events such as the 2 -day conference, IGDC 2019 (India Game Developer Conference), from November 22-23, in Hyderabad, the industry expects further boost in stature, highlighting opportunities in new tech, emerging trends, besides opportunities for game developers have access to expert network, investors, publishers. Intensive workshops relevant for the industry will be the real catalysts for growth of the industry. 
Globally, the gaming industry estimated to be worth $120 billion, is the largest segment within the entertainment industry, led by China, USA, Europe, Japan and Korea. The significant increase in the internet access is facilitating growth in the gaming industry with close to 87% of the entire world population having access to the World Wide Web.