Google adds a display to create a home Nest Hub

09th September 2019
Google adds a display  to create a home  Nest Hub

From Anand Parthasarathy
Bangalore, September 9 2019: Fairly old readers might remember a 1950s  musical movie entitled "Annie, Get your Gun" where the sharpshooting   heroine, Annie Oakley  takes on male competitors with the  dare: "Anything  you can do, I can do better!" I  am  reminded  today, of this  old classic riposte -- and here's why:
 Google Home  came a little after Amazon's  Echo in the smart speaker arena. Then Amazon added a display to create  Echo Show and  now Google  does likewise with its smart display, Nest Hub, trying to go one  even better.  This does everything that the Google Home speaker did -- including  control of home appliances  and  providing answers to   spoken questions using Google's massive search resources. The new  add-on  is a 7 inch display screen which can display things like the time, weather, news or a recipe with spoken prompts.
Nest Hub's real  edge, comes  from  its other tool  Google Photos -- letting you access all your  images to create  a live and ever-changing photo frame.
And yes, you can play  everything in music and video, available at YouTube. 
The asking price , Rs 9,999,  pitches it against  the slightly smaller-screen  Echo Show -- and to  sweeten the deal, Google is throwing in a Mi Home security camera, that can be  monitored  at the Nest Hub.  "OK Google, come into my nest!"