Asia’s first 5th Generation - Virtual Reality based Advanced Driver Training Simulator Centre was launched by Automobile Association of Southern India (AASI), Chennai, (L-R) T.D. Sadasivam, Chairman, Automobile Association of Southern India (AASI) and D.V. Vinod Gopal, Director, Red Chariots Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
VR based driver simulator set up by AASI in Chennai

Chennai, September 3 2019: Asia’s first 5th Generation - Virtual Reality based Advanced Driver Training Simulator Centre was launched  yesterday at the Automobile Association of Southern India Centre (AASI), Chennai.  In the first 6 months, AASI will train 200 Ambulance drivers free of cost, under ‘Safe Drivers Campaign’.
The patented simulator was ideated, designed and developed by Chennai based Red Chariots Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and it took close to three years for a team of 12 engineers to develop the hardware and software, emulating the Indian driving standards and road conditions.
At a very nominal cost of Rs. 100 for an 8-minute session, existing drivers can make use of this simulator to learn the advanced techniques of driving and implement it in their day to day driving style. Through this specialized training module, drivers learn to anticipate adverse situations on road and make safe decisions with minimum to no risk for self and general public on road.
The training session is a combination of level-based practical learning modules coupled with self-learning theory modules through an interactive e-learning quiz app built in-house.
When a trainee registers their basic details in the app, he/she will experience a 45 seconds demo level. This level will give the trainee, the required time to get used to the driving simulator and the immersive environment of Virtual Reality. The actual driving levels commence after the demo experience. The duration of each module is for 3 minutes and the software has been designed and developed keeping Indian road scenarios in mind.
After completing each level, the trainee is given a detailed performance analysis report that shows their areas of strength and scope for improvement based on how many rules they followed, how many road etiquettes they adhered to and their overall behaviour on road. Based on this score, they either qualify and graduate to the next level immediately or are told to retake the same level after 24 hours, until they qualify.|
The aim is for all driving schools to train learners using this Driving Simulator. This centre at Anna Salai serves as the technology development centre and will strive to create such riveting solutions to ensure road safety