Control your home with voice

12th August 2019
Control your home  with voice

The Amazon Echo Show 5  brings the added edge of a screen to a home hub
Bangalore, August 12 2019: Almost like clockwork, Amazon adds to its repertoire of  home control devices built into a smart speaker and its voice assistant Alexa. The earlier devices were voice-only. Then came the Echo Show with a 10 inch HD screen. Now we are offered a  new avatar of Show  with much the same functions  shrunk into a smaller footprint and a 5.5 inch screen: Amazon Echo Show 5.
Like its older siblings, Show 5 is multiple gadgets  rolled into one: a useful intercom to keep an eye on a sleeping baby or aged parents; a video  calling phone, a  speaker to stream your music from any other device... and above all the  encyclopedic brain  of the all-knowing Alexa. Amazon has  cannily added  access to a host of popular Indian  music and news sources and local services: hungama, Saavn,  Gaana, Aaj Tak,  NDTV, Zomato...
Responding to concerns about privacy and the devices  ability to listen to and see all that is happening around it, they have added a hard switch to cut off the mike and a cover for the video screen.
The only feature of the larger Echo Show not available is the hub to link other smart appliances like bulbs and switch controls. At Rs 8999 (  Rs 6299 currently at Amazon) this is the most cost effective way yet to control your home with voice and video. ANAND PARTHASARATHY