EnLIVEn that TV stream

29th July 2019
EnLIVEn that TV stream

ACT offers  broadband  customers  a gateway to stream 100s of live  video channels to their TV
July 29 2019: As television sets get 'smart'-- with an Internet umbilical-- customers  are more demanding: they can move beyond the choice offered by their cable or satellite dish  provider,  to tap the vast resources of live  news and entertainment that the Web offers -- much of it for free.|
ACT,  a major Indian  broadband fibre provider and provide its customers  a hotline to tap this  Net-based edutainment  trove. Starting in August,  ACT Fibernet subscribers can order  a Stream TV box that  connects to their  broadband WiFi router  wirelessly or through an ethernet cable, to their TV .  The same box links to the TV using either the HDMI or the audio cable  provider and lo! The TV has become smart  and  Android-Dolby- 4K-ready at that.
Set up is fairly simple, and uses a remote that syncs to the TV via Bluetooth and then on it serves as the magic want that lets you browse  through  hundreds of  online  movie, news, gaming and TV show  channels.  The remote has short cut buttons to  Netflix, YouTube , live TV channels and the Google Play  store.  SCT has tied up with Netflix, Yupp TV, Sony Viv, Hungama Play, Zee 5 , Hooq and other over-the-top  video providers and in most cases, a free introductory subscription is thrown in. If you do decide later to subscribe to any of them , ACT helpfully provides a single payment gateway. On my 2K TV, the picture quality  of HD content was excellent  and my ACT plan though  way short of gigabit, was  fast enough to provide  smooth,  jitter free video. An icing in this cake is the ability to speak your channel searches using  Google Assistant.  The ACT Stream TV 4K is a  good deal for Rs 4499-- and if you have a non smart TV, it is even better value as you are now certifiably smart!