These TVs will dim your lights !

15th July 2019
These  TVs will dim your lights !

 LG has launched television sets with built-in voice assistants to control your home
Bangalore, July 15 2019: The Indian millennial is no longer a lonely creature. Like Benedict Cumberbatch  who has a hunch in the MG Hector advertisement, that voice assistants are becoming more humane in their interactions, the world of AI is turning our machines into talking creatures that will soon develop the ability to decipher what the human in the room in thinking. Till that happens, we are caught in a web -- literally -- of wired and wireless products, with voice assistants occupying the grandpa's chair and dominating  urban living rooms. LG has decided to  ratchet up things, even further.
Last week the company launched a range of  4K ultra high definition  TVs  for India, that come with a built-in voice assistant, that can control your TV as well as other linked appliances your home. While smart TVs have featured voice assistants, this is probably the first time a TV actually becomes your IoT hub, that controls everything else.
With LG's ThinQ AI conversational voice recognition technology, the new range of LG OLED TVs comes out-of-the-box with  the two most popular voice aids: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Using Alexa Routines, the TVs allow you to link together a actions such as controlling your smart  lighting, reporting on the weather, listening to daily horoscope among other things. Google Assistant, on the other hand, lets you search the web, access your emails, besides performing other entertainment and productivity activities.
Additionally, LG's new range of Nanocell TVs support AirPlay 2 and HomeKit. While AirPlay allows Apple users to access the Apple TV range of streaming services, HomeKit lets you convert the TV into your Siri hub. Nanocell TVs offer a clearer and vibrant colour experience, since they generate  uniformly-sized particles  which deliver more accurate colours, even when you're watching from an off-centre position. They have their own in-built Artificial Intelligence  for better sound, picture and brightness, with the ability to beef-up content quality in real-time, irrespective of source or standard of content. While the OLED TV range starts at Rs. 2,49,990, the Nanocell TVs are available at around Rs. 90,990.