NHance aims to enhance post purchase customer experience

23rd June 2019
NHance aims to enhance  post purchase customer experience

Bangalore,June 23 2019: For a long time, customer experience has been stuck in obsolete and outdated models, in an era where a ride can be booked, a pizza ordered and money transferred with a one line message or a simple voice command. The way customer experience is delivered is no longer relevant for a world that we live in today. A new digitally empowered generation is demanding new experiences that blends seamlessly with their millennial lifestyle.
NHANCE NOW was founded in 2017  by Alok Subudhi   with Praveen Deherkar, Nishith Patnaik and Manabendra Pattnaik in  It  aims to be the gateway CRM for offline retail stores and merchants giving them a direct communication channel with their customer base.
The company  offers a Conversational Gateway that allows any business to craft simple post purchase experiences, over voice assistants, messaging channels and conversational apps that makes engaging with their business as easy as talking to a friend – and thereby earning the respect and loyalty of millennial consumers. Its most recent and innovative tool is  the world’s first Digital Experience Card: am  AI enabled interactive & personalized digital card for seamless post purchase digital experience.
Currently operational In India, Middle East and USA, over 100  customers in the SMB segment and few marquee customers in Dubai use the platform to build deeper and more meaningful friendships with their consumers.  More here