Infosys stats and data are enriching tennis experience at French Open

Paris, June 9 2019: Infosy, Roland-Garros’ official digital innovation partner, is providing data and stats during the 2019 tournament, enabling tennis fans to better understand the matches in detail and unveiling some surprises.
In a world where data and numbers are so important and exciting, Infosys launched products such as the  Infosys Slam Leaderboards, available on the official Roland-Garros website. The Slam Leaderboards show how the tournament leaders vary by round and reveal insights such as how the best players in the world pace their performance levels.
While the leaders in the earlier rounds were the likes of Goffin and Monfils, the stats show that Nadal, Federer and Djokovic move well ahead of the pack in the latter rounds! This feature also ranks the top players based on their match stats. If one analyzes the players by Receiving Points, the top two players are Nadal and Djokovic on the men’s side while it’s Svitlona and Halep on the women’s side. In fact if the leaderboards were to be considered, one might predict Nadal and Konta could well go all the way, as they currently sit on top of the men’s and women’s leaderboards respectively.
Tournament level statistics, also available on the official Roland-Garros website, allows fans to get a glimpse of who is leading the tournament in terms of different parameters such as aces (S. Wawrinka is number 1 in men’s singles with 64 aces and Ash Barty with 30 in women’s singles so far) and while Longest Rally Count shows that 36 ball exchanges between R. Carballes Baena and F. Krajinovic has been the longest rally so far. Meanwhile, the Win on First Serve statistics show a winning trio as follows: N. Djokovic, F. Lopez and R. Federer.
Other Infosys digital innovations based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, analytics, social heatmap and trending fan/player/celebrity analysis, and virtual reality are also reinventing traditional tennis match stats and data. Infosys has introduced MatchBeats to follow live scores in a new immersive fashion, Courtvision to uncover match patterns, Stats+ to re-order stats based on which had the biggest influence on the outcome of the match, and StatsLounge, a platform for players and coaches, to study and analyse strengths and weaknesses during the tournament.

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