Tech comes to aid of ICC cricket world cup fans

30th May 2019
Tech comes to aid of ICC  cricket world cup fans

May 30,2019: The World Cup Fever is at an all time high, and Indians are no exception to this. It has been reported that  United Kingdom has been receiving over 3500 Visa applications a day from India alone. People are on the constant lookout for cricket facts, figures, data and milestones instantly. What if a Chatbot API can personally give you all the answers you are looking for and that too instantly? Any information relevant to live or historic data about cricket and the world cup? Wouldn’t that be ideal for the season?
Precise answers to your complex cricketing queries is what the new world cup Chatbot API from RoanuzSoftwares promises. The team at Roanuz has processed over 1.2 million balls until now. This means that the API has been fed with approximately 5-million records as input and was taking around 1,500 milliseconds to respond. With the new intelligent world cup bot this time is expected to dwindle to a mere 300 milliseconds.
Says Anto Binish Kaspar, Founder & CEO, RoanuzSoftwares:"This is an innovative second screen solution for cricket fans all around the world.  Being one of the best cricket data provider, it's our responsibility to continuously innovate and enrich cricket fans experiences.”
What makes this chatbot unique is that in addition to live updates, team and player stats, the bot also provides stadium based stats like player vs particular stadium, teams vs particular stadium, player vs player at particular stadium, and format based stats like team timeline, player timeline. Here’s an example of how this extremely intelligent context-aware bot uses Artificial Intelligenceand analytical capabilities to achieve its goal.
User: What is the batting average of Virat against Australia in ODI? Bot: 70.8
User: And in T20? Bot: 98.3
When the user continues with a T20 question, the bot understands that the question is related to Virat’s batting average, analysis itand replies specifically to it.
The Roanuzchatbot API has promising data quality and lays the foundation for future apps. A data editing team works 24*7 to collect and feed world cup data.
Enjoy the best of live cricket with Twitter’s new product features
After India’s popular T20 league @IPL, fans can tune in to the @ICC Cricket World Cup on Twitter, which runs from May  30 to  July 14  in England and Wales. Cricket lovers will be able to follow all the live action around#CWC19 on Twitter and talk about what’s happening in the world of cricket.
 Twitter is the fastest way to see the latest news around #CWC19 and to talk about the action on and off the pitch. In a first-of-its kind product experience in cricket, the platform has made this easier and more compelling by allowing fans to track the games in real-time through a unique live scorecard in the app. Fans can tap on the Twitter Moment Tweeted by @MomentsIndia, follow the scores in real-time, as well as see multiple timelines of latest Tweets, top commentary, and videos. This live product experience, as well as additional Twitter Moments will help cricket fans find the most engaging Tweets from teams, players, commentators and other fans during #CWC19.
Another feature that will help cricket lovers stay on top of the #CWC19 games is Twitter’s new breaking news notifications. In India, Twitter recently launched a push notification feature, where the platform occasionally pushes personalized news notifications in sports, entertainment or current affairs so people can stay more connected to what’s happening in their world. By tapping on this notification, users will be taken to a Twitter Moment about the breaking news topic. People will be served these notifications based on their interests via a combination of work by Twitter’s curation team and algorithms. The curation team includes a number of former journalists and people who used to work in newsrooms. Any user can turn off these notifications by visiting their settings and toggling to turn off the feature.
 Through Twitter’s content partnership with the International Cricket Council, the @ICC and @cricketworldcup official handles will be natively Tweeting video highlight clips from each game, recapping every match. The handles will also be Tweeting unique videos, behind the scenes content and interviews with captains, enabling fans to connect with players and experts and learn their favourite plays, moments and more right on Twitter.

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