Amit Sharma, Founder- CEO, Narvar
Indian-American enterprise helps retailers go beyond the buy button

Updated April 30 2019: Post purchase is a critical leg of the customer online shopping experience that most retailers miss out on. There is huge potential for engagement even after a customer clicks on the buy button.
Narvar, which means ‘when’ and ‘where’ in Swedish,  adds the missing link in a consumer’s post purchase experience. A software platform that enables seamless post-purchase experiences to retain, engage, and delight customers, Narvar was founded by Amit Sharma, a retail specialist, in 2012 at San Francisco and further expanded its operations recently into India. 
As an enterprise-grade customer engagement platform serving 550+ retailers like Sephora, Patagonia, Home Depot, Gap, and Bose, Narvar enables seamless post-purchase experiences thereby helping in customer engagement and a branded experience at every step of their journey.
The Narvar edge:Taking care of retail customers isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s good business. Great service can turn one-time buyers into repeat customers—and repeat customers into die-hard fans. From  order tracking and timely notifications, to seamless returns and customer care, the Narvar  platform powers billions of interactions across  multiple touchpoints—Web, Mobile, Email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Voice, and more.
In the US, 8,000 Walgreens stores have entrusted their post sales interfaces to Narvar.
The company has now expanded its operations recently into India.  Amit Sharma  says the company will  tweak its platform for this country  with data analytics  and technology  developed at its R&D centre in Bangalore. The India operation and reachout to Indian retailers  is being steered by Tony Navin, Head of Growth - Emerging Markets, Narvar India.

In a special  Q&A, Mr Navin throws light on the company's burgeoning India connection:|
Q. How long has Narvar been in India. Are you able to name some India clients?
 Narvar started in 2012 out of San Francisco, we came to India through an acquisition in the latter half of 2017. In the last year of operations, our client base has spread across several vertical players in the online space including horizontal marketplaces, vertical focused e-tailers, online pharma, BFSI. Some of our clients include Lenskart, Tata Cliq, Ritu Kumar, Forest Essentials, etc. 
Q. Does the Bangalore centre contribute any innovation.. can tools like Concierge be attributed to any work done in India?
Ans. A lot of the groundwork for new & innovative products is done here in India. So, India is a core part of the tech team and is involved in building new products/ working on innovative products.