Inox to bring ScreenX 270 degree technology to Indian cinemas

02nd April 2019
Inox to bring ScreenX  270 degree technology to Indian cinemas
Screen X expands image to 270 degrees. Inset:JongRyul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX and Alok Tandon, CEO Inox Leisure Ltd sign the deal to bring ScreenX to Inox theatres

Las Vegas/Mumbai, April 3  2019:One of  India’s   major multiplex operators INOX  have signed a deal with Korea -based  CJ 4DPLEX for bringing the multi-projection technology ScreenX to India.
ScreenX is the world’s first multi-projection theatre technology designed to enhance the movie-going experience offering a 2700 view. ScreenX allows the audience to go beyond theme of the traditional movie screen, utilizing a proprietary system to expand select scenes of feature films to the left and right walls on each side.
The deal was signed  yesterday on the sidelines of CinemaCon, world’s largest event for the movie theatre industry now  taking place in Las Vegas.
The deployment of ScreenX technology would allow the movie scene to spread beyond the cinema screen on to the three sides of the cinema wall and offer a spectacular view. While offering a maximized immersive experience, the 2700 view would not only amplify the emotional aspect, but also enhance the entertainment value of the content. INOX has signed a deal with CJ 4DPLEX today and is all set to bring the first ScreenX in India.
Says Alok Tandon,  CEO INOX Leisure Ltd: “Ensuring a great viewing experience for our patrons has always been our foremost priority, which inspires us to continuously reinvent & innovate and bring the best technology for them. Further to this endeavor, we are proud to announce our association with ScreenX, which will enable us to offer an unprecedented 2700 cinema-viewing experience on three walls of the theatre. This new form of storytelling would deliver the narrative in a more convincing manner, leaving the audience breathless. This is a massive milestone in the glorious history of Indian cinemas and we are proud to be the ushers of this new technology.”
Adds JongRyui Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. “We are very pleased today to be signing a new deal to expand ScreenX to across India with our partner INOX. We are incredibly happy to be working with such a great new partner in revolutionizing the Indian cinematic landscape and we are look forward to developing a long-lasting partnership with them in the years to come.”

What is ScreenX?
ScreenX is a 270 degree viewing experience that enhances specific pivotal scenes or moments of action throughout a movie by surrounding the audience, making it a truly immersive experience.

By creatively using the three sides of the theater, the audience will be able to experience new and amazing experiences that they have never experienced before.

The middle one is like any cinema screen. ScreenX presentations beam additional footage on the walls to the left and right. That’s a 270-degree field of view, designed to fill up your peripheral vision – theoretically making the picture more immersive. Movies arrive at the cinema in two digital files (most cinemas no longer use reels of film): one for the standard film, the other for the sides or ‘wings’. They are stitched together using the clever ScreenX software. The combined image is then fired out of five projectors. The main picture uses one but the wings need four. Special fabric is lined on the walls to keep colours consistent, although that won’t hide the fire exit signs.
For a few days we feature a video about Screen X in our Tech Video spot on the home page