Galaxy of speakers at SKOCH summit
Focus on cybersecurity at SKOCH summit

New Delhi March 28 2019: Think-tank for socio-economic issues, the  SKOCH Group,  recently organized a first of its kind focusing on the subject of patriotism national summit at  the 57th SKOCH Summit. It  opened a new debate on India’s emergent need for Cyber Security Policy in public domain.. Said Brijesh Singh, Inspector General of Police-Cyber, Maharashtra: "It is a Bank’s responsibility to secure the client’s money. A digital incident cannot be blamed on the customer’s ignorance. States are at different stages of maturity in terms of implementing the policies. Almost 1000 cyber incidents are happening every day, not all of which gets registered. We have to understand that cybersecurity is not a technology problem. Maharashtra has a Rs 1000 crore project where we are building cyber labs and cyber police stations in each district.”
Added Sameer Kochhar, Chairman of SKOCH Group and an eminent reforms historian: “Cyber Security Policy in public domain is what we need today in this digital world. 90% of country’s IT capability is outside the Government. Cyber Patriotism can play a vital role in breaking the existing cyber monopoly in the country. Even before we begin to talk about cyber security, it would be important to know the intensity of the threat and it’s evolution.”
And Dr. Shefali Dash, Former Director General, National Informatics Centere, said “The government alone cannot handle Cyber security issues that face us. The private sector has more resources, research and knowledge in this space. We need government and private collaboration to deal with the issues and

The Summit successfully addressed key Cyber security issues such as:
Is India understanding how Cyber Vulnerable it is?
Imperative role of PPP as private sector has more resources and knowledge base?
Dire need for a blue book of Cyber Security and why the protection regulations need to see the issues as ecosystem issues and not individual issues.