Ozonetel Kookoo cloud agent brings voice and chat to contact centre

24th March 2019
Ozonetel Kookoo cloud agent  brings voice and chat to  contact centre

Hyderabad March 24 2019: How Bigbasket ensures superior User Experience and Customer Support; how Food Panda is scaling its business rapidly; how Shaadi.com has monitored Quality of Customer Interactions… In all these stories, there is one common  factor: Ozonetel's  Kookoo software
Headquartered in Hyderabad and Singapore, Ozonetel is a bootstrapped B2B start-up and as leading CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) player, creating and deploying cloud contact center solutions globally. The company has over 1000 enterprise clients across US, India, and UAE, and its platform supports over 50,000 live agents and has handled over 3 billion calls.
Almost 58% of Ozonetel’s revenue comes from the Kookoo CloudAgent, a cloud-based Contact Centre Software Solution that functions as an inbound and outbound Call Centre, operating out of a web browser.  The CloudAgent offers an entire gamut of multi-channel (voice, SMS, email, chat, etc.) Contact Center functionalities and analytics. With KOOKOO CloudAgent software, an enterprise can instantly have over  over 1000 Contact Center Seats on the Cloud.
The Kooko Interactive Assistant, an  omnichannel Wwdget that combines Voice and Chat, is yet another disruptive innovation from Ozonetel. This widget works with  Kookoo CloudAgent software and enables contact Centre agents to run chat sessions and voice calls parallelly with the customers who are calling in. Recently, Ozonetel has entered into a partnership with IIIT Hyderabad for improving its speech and AI portfolio, to solve speech problems like AR, speaker detection, language identification, sentiment analysis and bots.