Maglev train prototype developed in India

26th February 2019
Maglev train prototype developed in India
The maglev transportation prototype in India

February 26 2019: The first prototype hyper loop magnet train working model has been developed at the Magnet Technology Division of the Department of Atomic Energy-run Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology,Indore (AMTD,RRCAT).
The Hyperloop system consists of fast-moving vehicles, called pods that levitate inside of a vacuum tube. The air pressure inside these tubes is reduced to just 0.1% the Earth’s atmosphere, which minimizes air resistance, or drag, and allows them to reach speeds of up to 1,200 kilometers per hour.The hyperloop is Maglev train enclosed in a tube in which there is very little  air pressure and hence almost no air resistance.
This was demonstrated yesterday  during  the National Science Day celebration.  Some 1500 school childrens , teachers & guests have travelled in this maglev train. Further this vehicle is upgraded for carrying 800 kg passenger with better suspension and stability which is demonstrated on Feb 23, 2019 during National Science Day Celebration 2019 at RRCAT.
Use of maglev devices like trains, cars  are  becoming important for rapid transport in populated countries like China & India. Besides this, they will have a several advantages over conventional transport vehicles.
Advantages of Maglev Trains:
- Maglev uses 30 % less energy than existing trains
- Maglev Vehicles carries no fuel to increase fire hazard
- No collision possible
- Safer than air, conventional railways & by bus
- Magnetic levitation – no contact & hence no friction – no maintenance cost
- Faster speed ~ 400 Km/Hr
A low costing Maglev Vehicles may be on the horizon of the future.