When an air purifier doubles as hot&cold blower

10th February 2019
When an air purifier doubles as hot&cold blower

Dyson does military-grade testing to ensure you breathe safe
New Delhi, February 11 2019: These days we need serious protection from air pollution. According to global ratings, 14 of the 15 most air-polluted cities in the world are in India. It is not just vehicular pollution, crop burning and dust storms that are causing danger to our lives. So shutting the doors and windows of your house is clearly not helping.  Experts say you're actually making it worse. With the increased use of aerosols, mosquito coils, hidden dust from carpets, upholstery and even food, we need to clean the air inside of our homes. The most logical solution is to use an air purifier. The UK-based Dyson claims  its line of air purifies literally go through military-grade testing and development.
For instance, the Dyson Polar test houses nine sensors in a large room, with the purifier placed in a corner to ensure that the clean air is evenly diffused to all parts of the room. Other tests include radiation, noise and vibration, in specially designed labs for precise adjustments and correction. The recently launched Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier  usefully  spreads  warm or  cool air, depending on time of the year.  This is particularly useful in  North India where temperatures can swing from   5 degrees C to 50 degrees C and people  use air conditioners or air coolers in summers and heaters in winter. 
The device works on a 4-step principle -- Sense, Capture, Project, Heat. While one sensor detects fine particles, the other one detects VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), the devices has a double layered HEPA filter, a 350 degrees projection radius, and a fan which ensures diffused air flow. Once you set the temperature, the device will evenly cool your room, and if required, target cooler air at one person, while keeping the other warm.  The Dyson Pure Hot+Cool air purifier is priced at Rs. 52,900 and is suitable for average -sized  urban homes and has been tested  to serve a space of 81 cubic metres