Foxconn plant in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu and high end X series iPhones
It's better late than never as iPhone finally decides to make-in-India at a Foxconn facility

Bangalore, December 30 2018: The biggest tech story in this last week of  2018  was the exclusive Reuters report quoting  unnamed sources  that  contract manufacturer Foxconn is all set to manufacture  high end  iPhones at its plant in Sriperumbudur, near Chennai, early in the new year. 
This could be Apple's way of boosting its miniscule share of the Indian  smart phone market, estimated to be about 1 percent. It will also   address Indian government regulations  which increasingly push  handset makers to  source  from within  country. |Apple has largely neglected the India  mobile device market -- arguably one of the world's largest -- has done little to set up a marketing organization or a worthwhile distribution chain. 
US media is speculating that the make-in-India  move might be a response to its flat sales in  many other global markets.
Foxconn, which already makes phones for Xiaomi Corp in India,  is expected to put in some $ 356 million of its own money into the venture says the Reuters report.