Connect2India offers a onestop exim shop for Indian SMEs

19th December 2018
Connect2India offers a onestop exim shop for Indian SMEs

Connect2India enables end-2-end export/import and provides credible, verified and holistic view on and for Indian and overseas SMEs, complements those with trade intelligence, competitive insights, unique predictive analytics, trade counterparts, expert trade resources and tools etc. to build a complete solution for SME's global trade needs.
Bangalore, December 19 2018: Global trade barriers are difficult to overcome with limited knowledge, information and resources available to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Further, the lack of a credible platform to identify and verify global opportunities, limited access to market research and trade intelligence, and high cost of trade information has been dissuading SMEs so far to enter into the unchartered territories of global markets.
Connect2India came up with a holistic approach to address the actual concerns of Indian SMEs by providing then an integrated global trade platform and end-2-end managed solution for export/import.
Since the platform launch in end April 2016, the platform and the numbers have continued to grow aggressively. The platform currently has 14 Million+ Unique Google Organic Impressions per month, 2 Billion+ worldwide global trade stats, 7.5 Million listed SMEs, 9 Million+ Unique Google URLs, 2 Million+ Global Trade counterparts and serve more than 850,000 Google Crawl requests per day.
 “When your customers are not even aware what they ‘need’ it becomes our added responsibility to educate and guide them as well. We have to make sure that the trade counterparts that we are recommending to customers are genuine and our work doesn’t stop there. If we really want SMEs to be able to export/import, we need to guide them every step of the way and that’s what we offer at Connect2India… The holistic solution” say Daksh Gupta, Co0nnect2India's  Director International Trade.
|India is world’s fastest growing economy and is expected to grow at a rate of 7.4% this year and 7.8% next year, according to a recently released IMF Economic Outlook. Indian exports have shown a steady growth and the exports were up by 16.13% in April-August 2018. Although it seems to be a good progress in the direction of achieving our intended target of US$900 Billion Exports by 2020, we still have a long road ahead.
The segment that has the potential to play a serious role in increasing our exports is the Indian MSME. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises are backbone and lifeline of a country’s economy and play a vital role towards achieving the aim of inclusive growth.