Studio19 London enters India market with high end speaker

03rd December 2018
Studio19 London enters India market with high end speaker

Bangalore, December 3 2018: There  seems to be  a rough correlation between  the price of an audio speaker and  the extent of its bass boost.  Enhancing the lower frequencies, somehow improves as you pay more. 
Studio19 London is a British audio  specialist,  whose products leverage its  patented technology called  Dual Pressure Air Compression ( DPAC) to  create a kind of all-around  super-bass .  You require a lot of internal space  to  create a deep bass -- which is probably why  the  company's  first product launched in India -- the Solo E500X-EQ --  stands  55 cms tall and weighs  about 4 Kg. 
This is the largest  Bluetooth  speaker I have  ever reviewed -- and it produces  a sound level to match,  that seems  louder than the rated 200 watts RMS. This  is because, clever interior design, pumps the sound out in all directions,   fooling one into thinking there are multiple speakers rather a single one.
This is for  audiophiles  who want to manually  adjust the fine points of the sound -- it includes an old fashioned analogue  slider-based equalizer on the top, along with   a select switch for  movie or game mode.  For inputs, the Solo offers three options: Bluetooth,  HDMi and a 3.5 mm AUX socket ( with cable).
What it doesn't offer is,  a mobile app or WiFi options --  serious users  presumably don't want to be disturbed by incoming phone calls.   It compensates by including a jumbo-sized   8800 mAh rechargeable  battery -- good for some 8 hours -- but I thought at the asking price of Rs 42,500 ( you can save Rs 2000 - 3000 at online sites) they might have thrown in a mains adapter at least!
That said, this is the speaker that those who  are looking for a combo of high volume and high quality sound in the same package and  are prepared to pay the price. ANAND PARTHASARATHY