Genesis Hack poised to unleash blockchain innovation in India

22nd November 2018
Genesis Hack poised to unleash  blockchain innovation in India
From left: Raghu Mohan, CEO, IBC Media, Abhinav Ramesh, CEO of Murmur,Vivek K, Business Development Manager, Springrole, Ankur Mehta, Head of Community and Partnerships, Eleven01, Avinash Pitti, CTO, Nucleus Vision, Abhishek Pitti, CEO, Nucleus Vision & Anand Hariharan, Product Head, HackerEarth.

Bangalore,November 22 2018: Genesis hack - the world’s biggest blockchain hackathon   got underway at the 10K NASSCOM Start-up Warehouse here yesterday. It was organized by  IBC media, the creators of the International Blockchain Congress.
The launch event saw several prominent blockchain industry personali-ties like Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, Amit Kanodia, CEO, Host and Abhinav Ramesh, CEO of Murmur.
 announced the launch of - at in Bengaluru. Genesis Hack aims to promote and grow the number of blockchain developers in India. With over 6 million trained software developers, India has the potential to be a blockchain powerhouse, and the developer community plays a privotal role.
Genesis Hack is a blockchain hackathon that aims to propagate blockchain technology in India.. With the growing need for blockchain talent in India, Genesis Hack aims to bring together over 65k developers to compete against each other for a cash prize of over Rs 1 Crore. The participants will be tested through three major tracks that involve building a blockchain protocol, dApps, and building security solutions for blockchain infrastruc-tures. However, the cash prize is not the only incentive; the participants will also be exposed to India’s entire developer community as blockchain-ready.
The hackathon will soon open registrations for its participants and provide them with ample time and mentorship to build their projects. As its name suggests, Genesis Hack is going to set the precedent for the blockchain revolution in India by nurturing and chal-lenging a potent developer community.|
Says  Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision. “But to scale up, we need engineering talent to build and maintain blockchain infrastructures. An event like Gene-sis Hackathon can help promote the need for more blockchain developers."
Adds Rama Iyer, President of Elev-en01: “As a large-scale event that brings together developers from all over India, Genesis Hack will set the precedent to enable India to solve the biggest blockchain problems in the world with a well-equipped workforce.”
Presently, India has about 6 million engineers who are capable of delivering a solid throughput for the blockchain industry.