From Accenture-India engineers comes an immersive cricket stadium experience

16th October 2018
From Accenture-India engineers comes an immersive cricket  stadium experience
Extended Reality conjures up a packed cricket stadium

 Accenture's Bangalore engineers have created  a compelling experience for  fans of Cricket Australia
From Anand Parthasarathy
Bangalore, October 16 2018: At an  India Innovation Summit in Bangalore, a few weeks ago, engineers of Accenture's India Innovation Hub   displayed  an  innovation in Extended Reality --  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, morphed  with other immersive technologies. Wearing a VR headset and holding a specially instrumented cricket bat ( in photo) , I suddenly found myself at   the crease in the middle of a packed and cheering stadium.  
The operator with a tablet PC could  conjure up  just any kind of bowler --   inswinger, googly, you name it. I was soon  floored by the exact ball as  bowled by the world's best players. 
Accenture's India team had created  the system for Cricket Australia,  who are using it  at experience zones on the sidelines of important  matches to  woo crowds  and build up a fan base. 
But there is a serious side to this too. If the world's greatest bowlers agree to have their action captured in a 3-D motion capture studio,  the resulting library of bowling could  be used to train a new generation of  batspersons -- who have  'virtually' played  a Jaspreet Bumrah or a  James Faulkner,  long before facing them in the flesh.