Here is an app that connects you to hundreds of experts

02nd October 2018
Here is an app that connects you to hundreds of experts

Hyderabad, October 2 2018: UDo is an Indian  app that helps people to connects thousands of experts in over a hundred categories.
In office or other places how many times we have called senior or a friend for an help or advice, before taking an important decision or for an information. At some point, almost all of us find ourselves in a situation where we need some kind of expect advice. In most of the cases, people take help from Google, Quora and etc. What you do, if you don't get the correct answer from Google and Quora or instant advice? 
Seekers get help or expert advice under one roof, whether it be the query from student, interviews, recruitment, job training, research, consulting, wealth management, relationships or shopping advice.  
UDo not only enables people to seek expert advice, but also remunerate experts for signing up in their field of expertise and providing opinions. It acts like a real buddy and provides advice's on every problem of life. 
UDo is a Hyderabad startup started in 2016. The company has seen 25,000 plus downloads and expects to hit 60,000 by 2019.  It has 480 experts in 45 verticals on board.
Teja Gudluru,  international trainer, entrepreneur and an industry veteran is the CEO and Founder of Mobitattva Creative Technologies Pvt. Ltd, which has developed UDO. Currently, he serves as the Founder-Director of CommSure Knowledge Solutions, a premier Learning and Development company in Hyderabad. 

Link to Android app here                       Link to YouTube video here