Shai Cohen, Vice President, Fraud and Risk Intelligence Business at RSA, in Bangalore, September 2018 ( Photo: IndiaTechOnline / Anand Parthasarathy)
RSA adaptive authentication tool addresses challenge of multiple device usage

Bangalore, September 30 2018: Indian engineers of RSA, the Security Division of Dell EMC, are helping  craft advanced fraud and risk management solutions  to help organizations detect and respond to advanced attacks, reduce business risk, fraud, and cybercrime.
With employees using multiple platforms to connect with their companies;  bank customers doing transactions by many routes – including through mobile and portable  devices, RSA has created an Adaptive Authentication Product, with self-learning statistical supervised  machine learning technology to evaluate  the risk of an activity – a credit card payment say – and to provide a real- time alert. 
Device profiling analyses  the device from which a user is accessing an organization’s website or web service  and determines if there is a deviation in the pattern of past usage. The product also allows clients to  overlay their own policy on the RSA core, said  Shai Cohen,  US-based Vice President  and General Manager in charge of  Fraud and Risk  Intelligence Business at RSA.
He was speaking to IndiaTechOnline, on the sidelines of the annual RSA India Summit here, earlier in the week.
He explained how red flags are generated by the RSA  authentication tool: A possible behavioral ‘indicator of compromise’ for online banking logins can be the combination of the use of a new device + new account. Statistically this combination accounts for 32% of total fraud. Legitimate use of this combination accounts for only 0.4% of transactions hence it is highly likely that such an event is nefarious.
The traditional industry of compromised cards is alive and well and seems to be growing. RSA discovered that mobile application and mobile browser transactions accounted for 71% of overall fraud transactions.
GDPR challenge
The recently promulgated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Community has created a new challenge  for India-based entities doing business in Europe – and RSA has launched an integrated platform  called Archer that helps client-companies mitigate their GDPR-related risks.SA numbers the biggest public and private sector banks in India among its clients.
RSA numbers the biggest public and private sector banks in India among its clients.