Largest 4K Android TV comes from Vu

10th September 2018
Largest  4K Android TV comes from Vu

Digital screens  are going  on steroids, breaking size  barriers in home and office. We check out two oversized  contenders.  Here's the first*:
From Vishnu Anand
Mumbai, September 10 2018: We are the millennials. Our waistlines are getting thinner,  while our cars are getting bigger,  likewise our dreams, our homes, our ambitions, our phones. Of course, we are told  the world is becoming smaller and more intimate thanks to technology and social media, but let's leave that for another day. 
A welcome addition to all things big in our  the millennial lives, is that  oldest piece of household entertainment, the television set.
TVs have become thinner and more stylish over the last few years, mimicking  stylish waist sizes. They come with curves in the right places as well, and in different sizes. But one technology company decided to beef things up -- literally. Vu, the US-headquartered, India talent-fueled brand,  has  just launched the world's first 100 inch 4K LED TV.  The Vu 100,  for those who  demand the  best of visuals, sound, style and performance from their TV. It  comes with 8 Dolby-certified JBL speakers and woofer,  providing 2000 watts of surround sound. Nestled in a full metal body and a glossy piano back design, the panel sits cosily in a minimalistic frame and a chrome-finish stand.
Vu 100 claims to be the first TV  to run on the official Android Oreo 8.0 Smart OS, and comes with 16 GB of storage and 2.5 GB of RAM. Since  it is pre-installed with Chromecast, Google Play Store and apps like Hotstar, Hungama, YouTube, Sony LIV etc (all accessible through voice commands), you are left with some 16GB of storage to house your personal content library. Along with a quad-core CPU, the Vu 100  uses separate QHD graphics processor.. which kicks in when you  play memory-intensive 3D games.  
With its  Bluetooth connectivity, you can sync it with other devices  like Google Home. Like the entire Vu TV range, the Vu 100  uses Pixelight technology to optimize its palette of  colours on the  4K ultra HD screen. 
The Vu 100 is  launched this week, targeting  millennials who  dream big ---as big as the   world's largest 4K TV -- a dream that costs Rs 20 lakhs.

(The other jumbo display launch this week)