This app helps find hyperlocal jobs

29th August 2018
This app helps find hyperlocal jobs

Bangalore, August 29 2019: Worknrby is an online job posting platform assisting both job seekers and employers  and India’s leading local job finder app.
It  publishes job vacancies for job seekers. Candidates looking for a career opportunity can look for jobs from the widest selection of desired profiles in their local areas.  The search engines assists the registered user to refine their job hunt with instant customized results. Searching any desired vacancies as per skills or areas is not charged to the candidate.
To find the right job seeking candidate, an employer has to create a profile which is not charged. The qualities and specifications mentioned by the recruiter has to match with the candidate’s skills set nearby. After this match occurs all recruiters with the match and near areas get the match alert and an automatic notification is send to both recruiter as well as the respective candidates. Also, there is no limit to post any vacancy. So if you are a recruiter, you can post any number of valid job openings without being charged for them.
Worknrby was  started by Ashish Agarwal in September 2016 in Jaipur. The basic idea behind launching such a platform was to provide an easy functionality of job search that can be used through a website as well as through mobile application.
There are many applications and job platforms which provide job search facilities in the popular metro cities in India. But no platforms focused on the hyper-local crowd of the country’s rising cities.

Link to Android app here