Max use of global English learning app for kids is from India

15th August 2018
Max use of global English learning app  for kids is from India

August 15  2018: Lingokids, an English language-learning platform has reached over 5 million downloads worldwide with the most number of downloads from India with over 400000 users followed by Brazil and Mexico since its launch in 2016. 
The percentage downloads from Maharashtra are at 22.9% being highest in India, 16.4% in Delhi followed by 10.5% in Karnataka.
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The online Education market In India is expected to touch $1.96 billion by 2021 and witness a 8X growth in the next 5 years according to a recent report by Google, and KPMG.  
Lingokids offers complete English courses with lots of activities for every learning style for kids from 2 to 8 years and offers well-researched, superior educational content through ELT, a division of the esteemed Oxford University Press and a global leader in multimedia English language teaching.
Says Cristobal Viedma, CEO and Founder, Lingokids: “The response from India for has been very positive and Lingokids has reached a milestone of over 400000 users.  The English language opens doors to the world and prepares children to become global citizens and our mission is to take down language barriers and provide equal opportunities for children across cultures. Lingokids is a perfect platform to give children a headstart at learning in a 100% ad-free and safe environment. “