Pega systems brings new API for creating digital experience to India

21st July 2018
Pega systems brings new API  for creating digital experience to India
Pega Digital Experience API screenshot

Bangalore, July 21 2018:  Pegasystems Inc. the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises,  has  launched the Pega Digital Experience API,  ( Application Programme  Interface) a set of design and application development capabilities that allows organizations to provide elegant and powerful digital experiences on any web or mobile channel.  
The API allows front-end developers to create consumer-grade user interfaces that seamlessly embed Pega’s industry-leading process automation and customer experience functionality — ensuring exceptional form and function in every digital customer interaction.
It enables organizations to create stunning front-end interfaces at every digital point of engagement while directly connecting them to the end-to-end processes that drive work across the enterprise. Pega gives developers the flexibility to leverage popular UI frameworks such as React and Angular together with Pega’s powerful UX design system to create connected customer experiences with their preferred tools.
The Pega Digital Experience API provides powerful design capabilities that enable developers too:

  • Unify with leading design technologies: Developers that prefer to use other UI frameworks such as React and Angular can leverage open APIs to dynamically use Pega design capabilities as a REST-enabled service to power their front-end UI framework of choice.
  • Enhance and extend existing interfaces with micro front ends: Pega makes it easy to embed responsive UI components directly into existing web pages or mobile apps leveraging Pega Mashup technology.
  • Design effective and elegant interfaces jumpstarted with pre-built templates: Pega’s UX design system enables users to create responsive web and app designs that both grab the customer’s eye and allow for fast, accurate service.
  • Build seamless mobile apps: Pega’s open, responsive, and adaptive UI technology makes multi-channel deployment fast to build and easy to change. Users can build mobile applications completely in Pega, embed Pega into existing apps leveraging mashup, or seamlessly connect native mobile apps to Pega APIs by using the Pega Connect SDK.     More information here