VTU, Intel get to the 'core' of the undergrad curriculum

26th August 2010
VTU,  Intel get to the 'core' of the  undergrad curriculum
from Left: Prof Rajanikanth (Chairman of Board of Studies-VTU), Dr. H Mahesappa (Vice Chancellor-VTU), Christos Georgiopoulos (Worldwide GM Developer Relations Division Intel), Narendra Bhandari (Director-Asia Pacific SSG -Intel) at the launch of the VTU undergrad curriculum, Aug 26 2010

Bangalore-headquartered Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU), has revamped its undergraduate courses, in recognition of the need to remain relevant in a microprocessor era. It will implement a revised curriculum across all 8 semesters where multicore technology is introduced to undergraduate engineering students The revision also integrates parallel programming at the undergraduate level to prepare future software developers to write codes on emerging technologies.
The University has been assisted in this endeavour by chip leaders Intel. The Intel-VTU Multicore Curriculum Revision Initiative has received inputs from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Intel and senior faculty members from VTU. It also aims at encouraging faculty from the university’s colleges to participate in the course and lab development in an open source model.
“This curriculum revision and modernization of our undergraduate courses in computer science to include multicore and their programming will give our students the required edge as they will develop skills which are relevant to today’s market place”, said Dr H Maheshappa, Vice Chancellor, VTU.

“This is a significant step by the state university in creating an enhanced learning experience for teachers and students in parallel programming at the undergraduate level,” said Narendra Bhandari, Director-Software & Solutions Group, Intel Asia Pacific.

Aug 27 2010