Jiva Ayurveda launches first-ever diagnostic protocols for Ayurveda

16th July 2018
Jiva Ayurveda launches first-ever diagnostic protocols for Ayurveda
Jiva Ayurveda, diagnostic protocols for Ayurveda, Ayuniqe ( left) launches Ayunique in Delhi, July 16 2018

New Delhi,  July 16, 2018: Ayurvedic  medical group– Jiva Ayurveda -- today  launched  a first-of-its-kind diagnostic protocols for Ayurved.
Called Ayunique, the newly developed protocols are the result of a huge data analytics project that was initiated by Jiva Ayurveda six years ago. Using Big Data analytics and machine-learning techniques, the 5,000-year-old knowledge of Ayurveda and personalized treatment records of lakhs of patients at Jiva have been consolidated to offer the most advanced decision-support system for Ayurveda doctors. This will assist them in making root-cause based diagnosis in a structured, standardized and data-driven manner while allowing for the personalization of treatment.
Ayunique was launched in the national capital by Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary,  Central Ministry of Ayush who said : "I congratulate Jiva Ayurveda for coming out with diagnostic protocols for Ayurveda, which is truly a unique achievement. Most practitioners of traditional systems of medicine are not able to communicate effectively with modern science. This science belongs to all humanity and we should not hesitate to deploy it for the advancement and validation of Indian healing systems. Jiva is a prime example of entrepreneurship which is using science to further the cause and acceptability of Ayurveda. Ayush systems of medicine need a digital platform and IT-based solutions, and the diagnostic protocols by Jiva are a welcome step in this direction.”
|Added Dr. Partap Chauhan, Director, Jiva Ayurveda: “Ayurveda is fundamentally a personalized system of medicine that aptly addresses the world’s challenge of moving away from a symptomatic-only approach to medicine. The Jiva Ayunique protocols are like the operating system for Ayurveda practice that structure the practice of Ayurveda and creates a wealth of data. They will truly enable a scientific approach in providing a more precise, personalized Ayurveda and establishing it as a globally accepted treatment science.”|
Added Rishi Pal Chauhan, President, Jiva Group: “Ayurveda practitioners around the world are referred to as health and wellness coaches because Ayurveda is not recognized as medical science. Jiva Ayunique is a concrete step towards changing this status quo. The dream of ‘health for all’ can only be achieved if Ayurveda is made widely available throughout the world. However, for that to happen, acceptance of the science behind Ayurveda is a must.”
Jiva Ayunique Protocols have already been validated on more than 25,000 patients. Jiva is also collaborating with number of universities and institutes worldwide to undertake further research studies based on these.
Jiva has also launched a health app for lay  patients... Find details here