Reve promises a worry-free Internet life

09th July 2018
Reve promises a worry-free Internet life
What is my child surfing?

Reve antivirus products closely integrate phone and PC
July  9 2018: It is difficult to differentiate yourself in the crowded market for net security products, but Reve, a relatively new entrant headquartered in Singapore, but with development flowing from labs in Delhi and Pune,  would seem to have carved out a space for itself.  It has done this by  offering each product in its portfolio, for both PC and mobile phone -- then  tightly integrating  the solution so that one's mobile phone serves to alert when there is hanky panky going on at the PC!

There are 3 products ( all  sold on a CD): the basic Reve AntiVirus covers malware and rootkit threats but has a useful extension to check out devices on one's USB drive. ( Rs 800 for One PC + 1 Mobile for 1 year.
Reve  Internet Security, has additional  features:  anti-spam and anti-phishing as well as  web security and some cool tools for parental control ( Rs 1400)
Reve Total Security is the flagship product which  in addition to the  tools in the other two, also offers some useful solutions to tune up the PC, shred unwanted files and eliminate duplication of files.( Rs 1799). 
Based on our tryouts, we found  the Reve products to be light weight ( 230-250 MB),  functionally friendly  and  clever in the way one's phone is used to send messages when the PC is attacked or  inappropriately used by a child.  Free trials are offered for all 3 products.