Dr Sarat Chandra Babu, Exec Director CDAC Knowledge Park Bangalore briefing the media on Info Security initiatives, on Aug 20 ( IndiaTechOnline Photo)
Cyber security for the rest of us: CDAC gets proactive

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), has created a large web-based resource to raise awareness about Information Security among students, teachers, home users and government non-IT professionals.
The resources at www.infosecawareness.in  include brochures, posters, cartoon books, videos and handbooks for free download as well as specific help targeted at school kids, parents, women, volunteer agencies etc.

Topics include, spam, safe surfing, Internet ethics, safe ATM usage, mobile security etc.

Sarat Chandra Babu, Executive Director CDAC (Knowledge Park), Bangalore says: “Information Security is becoming synonymous with National Security. Considering need and growing importance of the Information Security, Department of IT, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India has formulated and initiated the ISEA programme. CDAC Knowledge Park centre is participating in ISEA cause by conducting workshops at schools and Government organization in Karnataka.”

With CDAC Hyderabad anchoring the initiative and all CDAC centres covering areas in their geographic reach, the initiative also embraces the Dept of Electronics Accredited centres as well as higher education insitutions like the NITs. .. some 45 agencies in all.

A series of workshop presentations on various Internet security aspects as well how cyber attacks happen and how one can be protected are being held and CDAC encourages free use of the instructional material has placed at the main infosecurity awareness portal.
Dr Babu said, CDAC had also created some of the tools to achieve Net security – like Malware Resist http://cdachyd.in/Malware%20Resist_brochure.pdf  and USB Pratirodh ( to ensure safe use of USB flash drives) http://cdachyd.in/usb_partirodh_brochure.pdf 

Aug 20 2010