Global companies bank on secure operations at India centres

June 30 2018: A report titled “Secure in India – Leaders’ insights on GCC empowered global cybersecurity delivery” which explores drivers, capabilities, smart practices, innovation, challenges and insights on how India based Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are securing their global organisations here in India has been created jointly by KPMG in India and the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) for  NASSCOM.
The report suggests that Global organisations believe in India’s GCCs’ capability to address their cybersecurity agenda. Average budget allocated to global cybersecurity delivery by India based cyber GCCs is increasing rapidly when compared to average global cybersecurity budget. Talent pool is at the heart of Cyber GCCs’ success story: Over 90 per cent say ‘talent pool availability’ drives their global organisations to set-up Cyber GCCs in India. Some 32 per cent say innovation is one of the top three drivers for setting up Cyber GCCs.
 About 70 per cent create value for their global organisations through collaborations with external parties ( e.g: Industry peers , industry bodies, regulators, academia, start-ups etc.)

The report was launched at the 10th Best Practices meet 2018 this week.
 Says  Akhilesh Tuteja, Global Cybersecurity Co-Head and Head of Risk Consulting, KPMG: “GCCs are apt for cybersecurity, when they are combined with right talent and commercial effectiveness. The intent of this report is to enable leaders of global organisations make informed decisions on their India-based GCC strategy for cybersecurity delivery. The report findings show that Cyber GCCs are at the cusp of transformation.”
Adds Rama Vedashree, CEO, DSCI:“There has been a surge in the Cyber Security management and delivery function of global corporations in India. The growth landscape driven by success stories across sectors including financial Services, retail, telecom, healthcare etc. are playing a vital role in making India a strategic destination for the establishment and growth of Cyber Global Capability Centres (GCCs).  In this report, we have explored key drivers, priorities and recommendations for Cyber GCCs to sustain their competitive advantage. We are optimistic that GCCs will play a catalyst role in expediting the cyber security growth in India.”