MobiDent brings the dentist to your doorstep!

28th June 2018
MobiDent brings the   dentist to your doorstep!

Bangalore, June 28 2018: MobiDent, a  Bangalore-based dental startup has introduced CADDY - a carry clinic that combines mobile dentistry with digital technology.
Unlike conventional dentistry where setting up a clinic costs upwards of 1.2million, MobiDent’s Caddy Digital clinic costs only Rs 88,888. Dentists with Caddy can provide door dental care anytime and anywhere.
Caddy comprises a dental chair that weighs merely 11.5 Kgs, a tool box,  a spitoon and a strolley suitcase unit with all the equipments that are required for any kind of dental procedures. From surface scaling procedures to coronoplasty, the carry clinic can deliver any kind of oral care treatment at home.
The dentists who buy caddy will be trained at MobiDent Academy of Digital dentistry(MADD) to understand the nuances of becoming a digi (digital) dentist.
 MobiDent has designed, developed and tested Caddy clinic with 40 dentists across 7 cities and with 65,000 patients.  
India has 309 dental colleges and about 30,000 dentists graduate every year. Due to high infrastructure costs and intense competition, most dental graduates give up dentistry and shift careers. To change this and to bring about a change in the way dental care is delivered is why , MobiDent introduced the carry clinic Caddy.
What’s in it for patients?
There are very few people who enjoy visiting the dentist. Whether it’s just a cleaning or filling, making a trip to the dental clinic can be a nightmare for many. It’s inconvenient, expensive and time consuming. What if the dental clinic could come to you? If taxis, food and furniture can be ordered online, why not dentistry? All you need is a smartphone and the MobiDent App. Pick a slot and book a digi dentist anytime.
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