YourNest showcases 4 Indian deep technology startups it has funded

24th June 2018
YourNest  showcases 4 Indian  deep technology startups it has funded
In front : Pawan Gandhi, Founder, CEO, KaHa Pte Ltd, Sanjay Pande, Director and Fund Manager, Satish Mugulavalli, Director, Technology ,YourNest . In back: Avinash Tiwari, Director, Smart Software Testing Solution, Sneh Vaswani, Co-Founder & CEO, emotix, Vinay Kumar, Co- Founder & CEO,, Sunil K Goyal, Managing Director and Fund Manager, YourNest, Nidhi Agarwal, Entrepreneur in Residence, Dr. Vivek Mansingh, General Partner, YourNest, Hira, Entrepreneur in Residence, YourNest, Girish Shivani (Girish), Executive Director and Fund Manager, YourNest.

Bangalore, June 24 2018: Deep-technology companies represent the next growth wave in India and are poised to grow exponentially, enabling Indian start-ups to build global businesses.  YourNest Venture Capital has been an early mover in identifying and investing in Indian B2B and B2B2C start-ups which have the potential to leverage deep technology to  serve global markets.
Earlier this week YourNest  showcased their recent investment portfolio -- letting 4 innovative startups  speak  for themselves: Sneh Vaswani, Co-Founder & CEO, emotix, Pawan Gandhi, Founder & CEO, Kaha Pte, Vinay Kumar, Founder & CEO, and AvinashTiwari, Co-Founder, Smart Software Testing Solutions.

emotix is a pioneer in companion robots, cofounded  by 3 IIT Bombay grads -- Sneh Vaswani, Chintan Raikar and Prakash Iyengar. Their flagship creation is Miko, an artificial intelligence based companion robot for kids, capable of engaging educating and entertaining children of 5 years and above.
KaHa, is  a Singapore-based consumer IoT company. one of few  globally that provides fully-customisable, end-to-end smart wearables IoT solutions that can be plugged into any stage of the value chain.  Their products include electronics design, PCBA, an application framework for iOS and Android, cloud services, data analytics and smart after sales service tools - allowing companies to incorporate the latest technology without breaking the bank. KaHa’s IoT platforms, COVE and COVEnet is powering Titan smart range with both companies working jointly towards a vision of making seamless technology integration with world-class design. is  the brainchild of two IIT Mumbai alums Vinay Kumar Sankararapu, 25, and Deekshith Marla, 26.  The platform is called Braid, an Open Source environment that they hope will accelerate the  development of Deep Neural Networks. ( Neural networks are electronic networks  closely modelled to mimic how the human brain thinks). Technology  companies and start-ups worldwide are racing to create products that use Artificial Intelligence in neural networks.  hopes to speed up this process. Braid claimes the advantage of being flexible, customisable, and modular. It is simple and scalable for use with  large networks.
Smart Software Testing Solutions has been building world’ largest automated Smart Testing platforms for Mobile and IoT space and has 2 SaaS products -  OpKey and pCloudy,  trusted by 200+ customers globally including industry leaders like Accenture, Honeywell, Reliance Jio to name a few. The cloud-based on-demand plug and play ‘app certification platform’ saves cost for companies by nearly 50%. Both OpKey and pCloudy have been recognized by top industry analysts included Gartner that included the products in latest report on mobile testing tool landscape. pCloudy is the one of the fastest growing on-demand mobile device cloud that helps developers and testers remotely test their apps on variety of real mobile devices and make them market ready.

The briefing  was  addressed by Sunil Goyal, Founder & MD, Satish Mugulavalli, Director-Technology & Vivek Mansingh, General Partner, all with YourNest Venture Capital.
The startups  showcased  were part of YourNest's  2nd fund, explained Goyal, who added that they planned to add at least 5-10 startups in the near future.  Mugulavalli added that the company planned to encourage  smart physical systems, digitizing life and work