Towards the paperless office

04th June 2018
Towards the paperless office

World Environment Day Feature
Bangalore, June 5 2018: Paper consumption in India is a whopping ~15 million tonnes per annum (TPA) and is expected to reach 23.5 million TPA by 2025. Imagine the number of trees that face the axe to fulfill our paper fetish! On World Environment Day, this figure should serve as an an eye-opener for us as our environment is under grave threat due to our actions, which are controllable.
The largest consumption of papers happens in companies across the country - Invoices, agreements, balance sheets, drafts, letters, acknowledgments and other formal diktats that mandatorily need to be recorded. Increasingly, a growing number of conglomerates and startups even are embracing corporate social responsibility activities by planting saplings in an effort to build greener cities. Yet, this isn’t enough. As much as we need to grow new trees, we need to save the existing ones as well! A conscious attempt to go paperless can be an excellent starter to save paper. It’s impossible for any business to go completely paperless but, thanks to technology there are a lot of platforms that can help each one of us reduce our carbon footprint.

Some of the solutions  that  help organizations to go paperless are:
|1. Zeta:  This platform offers solutions that make everyday corporate and employee-related processes completely digital. Zeta enables organisations to digitise their employee tax benefits,  rewards and recognition programmes and corporate cafeterias. The Zeta platform was first used to develop Zeta Tax Benefits, a suite of tax-saving employee benefits that allows organisations to administer and manage multiple benefits programmes via one online digital dashboard. Zeta Tax Benefits digitises the entire process—from the distribution of grants at an HR manager’s end, to completely digitising the way claims are uploaded, tracked and finally claimed by employees. The tax benefits suite includes smart solutions such as fuel and vehicle maintenance, telecom reimbursement, gadget allowance, digital meal vouchers, gift card, LTA and many more. Talk about going paperless with just one app!
2. Pocket HCM: Applying for a day-off? Need to check your leave balance, income tax or salary details? No more running to the HR team or sifting through manual registers! Enter Pocket HCM – an employee self-service portal that will give your employees the freedom to view, manage and update their personal details on the go. Now this means faster processes without any wastage of paper as everything is digitized!  
3. Evernote: Whether you’re managing a project, capturing ideas from a brainstorm, or coordinating with a remote team, Evernote Business keeps everyone on the same page. Say hello to a way that helps you reduce the clutter — physically and mentally. With Evernote, you can now capture everything important to you and find it on any device to free up physical and mental space. There are simple ways of inspiring your employees to give back to the society, one such place to start is creating a paperless office
4. Flock: Flock is a simple and highly effective real-time communication and collaboration app for modern teams. It offers a rich and intuitive messenger, as well as customizable modules to help people manage their teams and processes better and automate workflows. This powerful platform also enables users to integrate frequently used external apps (like Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook and more) and even build custom app, bots, and integrations! Now, save and view everything on Flock and you’re well on your way to positively impacting the environment!
5. Google Drive: Unarguably, the best and ubiquitous cloud-based productivity suite for your office needs! Not only does it offer a seamless document collaboration experience, the online workflow is very easy to get used to and implement. It has given us the liberty of not only storing documents but preparing them on the go too. This means employees can use these tools for writing reports, create slideshow presentations all on the same platform. So next time you’re about to hit “Ctrl+P” or thinking of starting a new journal, consider adopting a paperless method through Google Drive!

Remember, saving environment starts with you! Go paperless