Redmorph offers one-stop app to protect phone privacy

31st May 2018
Redmorph offers  one-stop app to protect phone privacy

May 31 2018: Redmorph  a partner of Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab Privacy and Security Institute has patented algorithms that create world class solutions to protect privacy and security. Now it offers  an app to  protect your phone from cyber tracking, espionage, and malicious activity. 
Now you can use any device, install any app, do your banking and e-commerce transactions, browse the web and communicate with friends or colleagues without fear.  

Key features of Redmorph:
 1. Pro-active anti-phishing malware protection: Proactively protects against all phishing malware, ransomware, adware, trojans, and other unwanted background activity behind apps. Secure yourself from apps that trick you into revealing your login credentials or credit card numbers. 
2. View app background activity and countries they are connecting with: Apps that you download may be playing mischief behind your back. See which apps are connecting to the internet and where their servers are located in the world. You can see this in real time and secure your data by blocking such apps.
3. Intelligent Security Firewall: Automatically block connections that harm your privacy and security. Proactively monitor and block 8 categories of trackers. Stay private from connections that will serve you creepy ads and unwanted content. Redmorph blocks almost 40-60% of your unwanted network connections, hence saving your data and CPU usage. 
4. Custom settings and app permissions: Customize’ settings of which app can connect to which server. Get full control over what you want to allow or block by app. Visualize permissions used by apps and manage these. Enjoy complete security and privacy with this powerful tool.
5. Selective ‘Block Internet’ access: Some apps may not need to connect to the internet at all. You can block such access while keeping your phone connected. Redmorph automatically recommends apps that do not need internet access to function, such as your flashlight or calculator. 
6. Block snooping with app isolation: Continue using your device without having to uninstall the bad app. This is because sometimes the bad app may be a Social or News app that you require. Here, you can isolate a bad app, so that when it is in the background, it cannot snoop over your other apps.
7. Seeing is Believing : Keep track of your harmful apps, what’s been blocked and how various apps are interlinked. We call it the Spyder Web- the only known technology to show you how dangerous the internet world can be.
8. Recon crawling technology: Redmorph profiles apps and crawls the web behind app and website ecosystems. Our AI/ML based algorithms work 24x7x365 to keep our policies, settings, rules and tracker definitions up to date. These are updated daily to ensure the best protection.   After a 21 day  free trial the app costs Rs  50 per month

Download for Android here