There's a PC in my pocket

21st May 2018
There's a PC in my pocket

They have shrunk a full Windows PC to palm size.  Soon, this may include the screen too.
May 21 2018: The catchphrase  'Small is beautiful' coined by German economist  E.F. Schumacher, 35 years ago,   has been embraced by the PC industry today, which is struggling  to sell conventional desktop sized boxes.  As high end smartphones and tablets  compete to offer traditional PC functionality,   manufacturers seem to have decided: "If you can't fight 'em, join 'em"! They have succeeded in shrinking basic PC hardware  to a portable, palm-sized package  --  with everything, that is, short of keyboard and display.
Called  mini PC or nano PC, these   full function  standalone devices with onboard memory and storage are not to be confused with so called Thin Clients or Thin PCs, which  work only in tandem with a central  main PC  and have no  local storage.|
Granted,  mini PCs makes some compromises: Most of them  offer  small on board solid state storage  and like many of the ultra light laptops, you need to store most of your files  and  tools in the cloud.
Brands like Zotac  Gigabyte have been offering   paperback book -sized mini PCs with almost-desktop storage -- 500 GB. Their relatively larger size in the mini-PC ecosystem allows them to pack in the latest high end PC processor.   The latest Zotac 9TX 1070,  has an additional Nvidia GeForce graphics chip and 1 TB of on board storage -- better than most desktop PCs.
Intel has been promoting these shrunken PC form factors with its designs called  NUC -- New Unit of Computing. Dozens of NUC  mini PCs  can be bought online at Amazon and other sites  either as kits or assembled units over a very wide price range from Rs 9000  to Rs  1 lakh and more. The new additions this year -- NUC8i7 HVK and HNK  are tailored for gamers and  are Virtual Reality-ready.|
Indian makers like RDP and HD Workstation -- both based in Hyderabad -- have a wide range of  mini PCs and Thin clients on offer.
Perhaps the most exciting offering in this class in recent weeks is the Liva Q  from Taiwan-based  Elitegroup Computer Systems ( ECS) -- the world's smallest palm sized pocket PC capable of  displaying 4K ultra high definition video.  It fits -- literally -- in palm of your hand and weighs just 260 grams. There is a HDMI port which you can connect to a display or a TV;  2 USB ports for keyboard/mouse; a micro SD clot for  enhancing the on board  32 GB with an additional 128 GB. The system comes with   4 GB of RAM and  a mains  supply cord.    A VESA Mounting plate and screws allow you to attach the LivaQ to the back of a monitor if you choose. While the basic unit costs Rs 13,500,  you can also order it with Windows 10 home pre installed for  Rs 2000 extra.  For Internet you can either use the LAN port  or the built-in WiFi ( 11ac), while Bluetooth is also available..... all in all a truly  power-packed dynamo of a device. I would recommend spending another thousand rupees or so on a  mini keyboard-mouse  combo.
This is the first mini PC I have tried that  let me  display a 4K video file from YouTube absolutely without jitter... small wonder indeed!  ANAND PARTHASARATHY

A upcoming  crowd-sourced Mini PC has integrated a display screen  Read  here