SMINQ morphs from Pune clinic app to global real time update tool

19th May 2018
SMINQ morphs from Pune clinic app to global real time update tool
Sminq founders: From left:Sheldon D’Souza- Chief Architect & Co-founder, Shachin Bharadwaj- CEO and Co-Founder and Santhosh Nagarajan- Co-founder and COO at Sminq

Pune, May 19 : After successful try-outs  at multiple local hospitals, Pune startup  Sminq, is taking its realtime update app Sminq worldwide this month in a new avatar -- World’s Places. Live Now.   This is a global first for this class of phone application.
Sminq is a community driven platform that broadcasts real time information from anywhere  in the world. Users can use text, photo and even 15-secod video clips to broadcast what is live at  any  place at that very moment. Since content that expires 24 hours from the time it was posted, the feed remains up to date. The company is responsible     for curating content and ensuring that no fake content  creeps in, by verifying the location of each post.
Vibrant cities like Bangalore and Pune,  will be the first where Sminq World Places is being launched – but being multilingual it will soon be available  to users worldwide.
The app was developed in Pune by a small team headed by the three founders:  Fergusson College and MIT alumnus,  the CEO Sachin Bharadwaj; Chief Architect Sheldon D’Souza and Chief Operating Office Santhosh Nagarajan.
It was used successfully by Pune clinics like  Dr Bhalerao Children's hospital and Gupte Hospital, and quickly  notched up  a use base of 50,000 in  150 clinics across 4 cities. Typically patients visit the hospital,   to make  an appointment or  do it on phone – but still wait  for 1-2 hours to consultant the doctor.  Now at clinics that have signed up, they can book the token remotely,  track the patient queues live and navigate large hospitals with minimum time wasted.
Says  Shachin Bharadwaj: “The internet today offers us information that is static in the form of either reviews, ratings or addresses and phone numbers. But we live in the now and make impulsive decisions on where to go.  Real-time information of what is happening now at the place you want to go is a critical piece of information that is missing on the internet.”

Download the Sminq World's Places. Live Now. app   here 

Fun fact: Since the app was first used to cut waiting inhhospital queues, SMINQ actually stands for See Me In No Q!