Mothers call the shots in online shopping

12th May 2018
Mothers  call the shots  in online shopping
Image courtesy Nikola Hristovski

Moms buy fashion and electronics with equal fervour 
New Delhi,  May 12 2018:  Women are calling the shots more than ever before by being the key influencers to household decisions on what to shop online, reveals a survey by OLX India.  
The survey was conducted online in key metro cities of Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Chennai, with over 300 married women above 26 years. 70 percent of the respondents were either married parent or single parent.
Of all the responses received, nearly half of the women (46%) said that they are the sole decision makers for online shopping for everyone in the household. 40% said that while their influence is key, the decision may be in consultation with other members of the family. Remaining 14% said their role was minimal in the decision.

Indulging in Smart Shopping
In making online shopping decisions, Indian moms come out to be smart shoppers.  All women surveyed said that they look for the best deals while shopping online by either waiting for online sales, using price comparison websites, buying pre-owned goods online or utilising discount coupons.

Shop the most for kids after themselves
Allaying the role of the primary care-giver in a family, it’s no surprise that moms find themselves buying on behalf of everyone else in their lives - spouse, children, elderly parents, in-laws and also for friends. Interestingly however, 3 out of 5 moms are placing themselves in the priority and shop the most for themselves online, followed by 2 women shopping for their children and 1 for their spouse and parents.

Fashion emerges as the most popular category for online shopping
The top items that get the attention of mothers include fashion, gadgets, groceries and furniture, in that order. When asked about what items they have purchased online in the last six months, 35% percent of mothers said they bought fashion, 25% purchased gadgets like smartphone, 15 % picked up groceries, 15% purchased furniture and remaining were other items.
“Today a mother could be working or a home maker but she is managing multiple roles at the same time. The job of a mother is no doubt the toughest. Our survey highlights how women of the household are leading when it comes to online shopping as well, in addition to offline where they lead the family members to malls. Being responsible for keeping the household budget, seeking best value comes naturally to mothers. Like in offline shopping where bargaining is a common practice, mothers are smart online shoppers as well. Using alternatives like buying pre-owned goods are smart choices they make to save budget and find great deals” says Irwin Preet Singh Anand, COO, OLX India.