Subex sets up IoT Security Lab in Bangalore

28th April 2018
Subex sets up IoT Security Lab in Bangalore

Bangalore, April 28 2018:  Security and Fraud Management  specialist, Subex,    has opened an  IoT Security Lab, to  solve threats specific to IoT industrial control systems (ICS) and IT Systems.
Using the world’s most comprehensive IoT and ICS focused honeypots of over 400 different architectures and over 4000 devices,  the  lab  will collect threat intelligence across multiple verticals including Telecom, Academics, Enterprises, Defense and Smart City projects.
Subex  will be opening its lab up to public-private partnerships with universities such as NTU and other colleges in Bangalore with a goal to create specific IoT security threat detection and prevention.
Concurrently  yesterday,  Subex, hosted the first edition of its Cybersecurity Symposium with Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU). The Symposium aimed towards creating a collaborative platform for the industry and academia to discuss ideas and initiatives around cybersecurity education. Representing NTU Singapore was esteemed NTU Academician and cybersecurity practitioner Prof Lam Kwok Yan, who provided his overview of the cybersecurity landscape in Singapore and perspectives on how the lessons learnt can be applied to the Indian ecosystem.  Subex video here