MobiOcean creates smart attendance system based on mobiles

08th April 2018
MobiOcean creates smart attendance system based on mobiles

New Delhi, April 8 2018: Mobile device management solutions  provider, MobiOcean has launched a  smart attendance solution, centred around the mobile phone.
The Mobile App Based Attendance Solution enables employees to mark their attendance while working in an outdoor environment or remote locations. All they have to do is install the MobiOcean Attendance App on the phone and press the check-in and checkout button. After pressing the button, MobiOcean app will instantly capture the employee’s snaps, attendance date-time stamp, location, and send it to the employer’s centralized console.
The company also offers a Device Based Attendance System. It is enabled through the MobiOcean Handheld Device. The Device has integrated Card reader, Biometric readers,  with the MobiOcean Attendance App (Moby Attendance.) The system has a unique feature of Geofencing which enables the machine to work only in the defined area to mark attendance. The Device can work in an outdoor environment and remote locations and can record attendance through SMS in case Internet connectivity is unavailable.
|The solution is aimed at businesses in Transport & Logistics, Supply Chain & Distribution, Manufacturing, Event Management, Courier Services, or Home Delivery etc. who have employees working from within the office premises or remote locations.