It's India bashing time folks!

27th February 2018
It's India bashing time folks!
Steve Wozniak at the Global Business Summit in India, February 26 2018 (Photo: Economic Times)

Bangalore, February 27 2018:  Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, thinks Indians are studious but not creative.  In an interview with Economic Times, on the sidelines of the Global Business Summit organised by the Times media group, he is quoted as saying:
"I don’t see those big advances in tech companies. What is the biggest tech company here, Infosys maybe? I just don’t see that sort of thing coming out of Infosys and I have done keynotes for them three times."
Asked what is missing, he says:
"The culture here is one of success based upon academic excellence, studying, learning, practising and having a good job and a great life. For upper India, not the lower. I see two Indias. That’s a lot like Singapore study, study, work hard and you get an MBA, you will have a Mercedes but where is the creativity? The creativity gets left out when your behaviour is too predictable and structured, everyone is similar. Look at a small country like New Zealand, the writers, singers, athletes, it’s a whole different world."
These remarks have been seized upon gleefully  by media from Pakistan to Australia  at a time when  Indian talent bashing is being refined into a fine art by some of the biggest beneficiaries  like USA, European community, Singapore and Australia, all of whom are making it increasingly difficult for Indian professionals to work in these countries.  ET followed up a day later with an editorial suggesting " How to disprove Woz on creativity"