Hyderabad startup Cyrrup poised to launch a comprehensive vehicle management system

17th February 2018
Hyderabad startup Cyrrup poised to launch a comprehensive  vehicle management system
Cyrrup co-founder Aswini Rao Nunna at the IndiaSoft expo in Bangalore ( Photo IndiaTechOnline)

Hyderabad, February 17 2018:  Telematics and Internet of Things (IoT) are at the core of the innovations at Cyrrup, a Telengana-based startup   based  in Kukkatpally near the state capital.  Their main focus is on  vehicle safety and security. The IoT-based products have been developed to help tvehicle owners to keep a track on their vehicle as well as analyzing  driver behavior.
-           Smart Fleet Management helps the Owners of a fleet to have an eye on the devices, track their device and even protect their devices from theft.
-           Tracked helps the people to know the route of the bus and even get alerts and notification according to the respective stops. It does the work of dynamic vehicle tracking and notifies people waiting for daily transport like cabs or buses.
-           Vehicle Black Box is their  latest and most advanced device based on IoT, and includes  features like Breath analyzer which detects the alcohol level of the driver. It also consists of two cameras which give Live Video footage of inside and outside of the vehicle. It comes with Live GPS tracking , in build GSM module which supports the features like Push To Call and Panic button to keep our nearby informed in case of emergency.It is also equipped with vehicle immobilizer which is a part of the vehicle theft management system. It  includes a Vehicle Health Monitor, which notifies the owner when it senses any problem with the Vehicle.
Explained Co-founder- CIO  Aswini Rao Nunna, on the sidelines of the recently concluded  IndiaSoft show in Bangalore: "This black box for vehicles which works in similar fashion as in flight black box, with additional features to know the vehicle status, while providing safety and security of vehicle and its occupants. It also gives instant notification if the driver is taking sharp turns. Panic buttons and push-to-call options comes handy in case "It has 2 cameras which track live footage's of road taken and inside the vehicle. These footage's helps in insurance claims, false accuses or illegal blames. We have also taken up an internal R&D work for visual analytics, which will driver drowsiness This detection is done real time and loud sound is played, which bring the driver to full alert. This will go long way in preventing accidents.  This is all-in-one system for complete vehicle management applicable for personal vehicles, fleet management or transportation management."
Ms Aswini adds that they arein advance stage of development and plan to launch most of the features by April, 2018.|For a few days we feature a video about  Vehicle Black Box in our Tech Video spot on the home page. 
The other co founders of Cyrrup are    IIT-G alumni Gaurav Kumar  and Swadhin Sonowal