Spot that fake note with this app

11th February 2018
Spot that fake note with this app

 Verify authenticity of  any major currency note with Chkfake app
Bangalore, February 11 2018: There is so much fake currency floating around, that most of us can rarely tell   real from counterfeit. In India the problem is compounded by so many new currency notes coming into circulation  in recent months -- the latest is a Rs 200 note. 
Chkfake is an iOS and Android  app  that allows anyone to check for authenticity of any major currency across globe.  Once installed  the app works  in conjunction with the camera eys of your phone to zoom in on the key features and  help you  check if they are real. It also asks you to switch on the torch to look 'through' the note, at the watermark and other embedded features.
It takes a couple of minutes  and actually depends on your yes-no judgment  to verify the features  and  in that respect is not an automated tool.  But may be worth your while when you  get a high value currency note.
It also works with foreign currency  including US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling and Chinese Yuan.