India Electronics Show comes to Bangalore this week

04th February 2018
India Electronics Show comes to Bangalore this week

Bangalore, February 4 2018: The India Electronics Show opens in Whitefeld, Bangalore on  February 7l, promising three days intense focus on areas like AI, IoT, Embedded systems etc  in what will be a techno-centric show not just a B2B event.
Co-located  shows  include:,  India’s first major exposition for all the stake-holders of Internet of Things ecosystem to come together.
EFY EXPO, a unique electronics event that focuses on the entire ecosystem of electronics in India.
LEDASIA.IN, India’s first event to focus on the electronics that powers LED Lighting.
TEST & MEASUREMENT INDIA, Asia’s leading exposition of test & measurement products and services.
& EFY CONFERENCE, which started as a tiny 900-footfall community conference in 2012, going by the name of Electronics Rocks.
Featured speakers include   Narang Kishore, Founder  Nrnix Technologies,  Martin Wooley  Tech Programme Manager Bluetooth Ski,  Daniel Holmlund of Intel,  Paresh Patel, CEO, System Level Solutions USA, Sapna, Mangia,  STMicroelectronics,  Sridharan Mani CEO American Megatrends ( all pictured above), Snigdha Singh, ED Morgan Stanley,   and many more. Full details here