EPIC achievement! A made-in-India, for India, web browser

18th July 2010
EPIC achievement! A made-in-India, for India, web browser

Bangalore-based software startup Hidden Reflex has launched what is arguably the first browser to be sharply aimed at Indian users. It is named EPIC and has been build on the open source Mozilla platform. Any internet user can now download the browser for free by logging on to the website www.epicbrowser.com.
Key features include:
A sidebar feature which supports Indian content and includes the option to write and create documents in twelve regional Indian languages.
Another sidebar with the latest national and regional news from popular publications and television channels and latest updates on stock markets, live cricket scores and local events in the city.
Specific applications for improving productivity: like Write, Snippets and Video playlist
Popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter are included along with other 1500 user-installable applications available free.
Over 1500 customized Indian themes and wallpapers ranging from national monuments to famous Bollywood movies.
A special feature of EPIC is the free built-in antivirus, the first time ever for a browser in India. Every file downloaded on EPIC is automatically scanned and the the user also has the option to manually scan the system or individual folders for any virus and any infections.

Alok Bhardwaj, founder-CEO of Hidden Reflex says “We wish to introduce the concept of an Indian browsing experience and reach every citizen in the country. Our focus is on introducing the first-time web users to Epic.”
Hidden Reflex is a software product startup founded 2008 and based in Bangalore. Currently it has has dedicated teams working on two products – the Epic Browser and NewsDrink. www.hiddenreflex.com 

July 19 2010